Monday, 9 December 2013

Unicorn Power!

Room 11 made Tessellation. Tessellation is a repeated pattern. My tessellation was based on Unicorns. It was pretty hard to draw and cut but at the end I ended up finishing. I would like to draw more tessellation this term.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Tarte tatin last day :)

Welcome back once more. Well this is the very last step of our tarte tatin adventure. After it came out of the oven. We put ice-cream and icing sugar on top of the tarte. Then lately we sprinkled pomegranate over it and it gave it a sour taste which was delicious!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Tarte Tatin day 3

Welcome back once again. So afterwards that we put it into the oven. Come back once more to check out what lastly happened.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Tarte Tatin day 2

Welcome back to my blog. So yesterday we made Tarte tatins. We had to cut the apples and peel the apples. We also put lemon over it. Come back AGAIN tomorrow to see what exciting things happened that morning..

Friday, 22 November 2013

Tarte tatin

Today we made Tarte tatin. It was so delicious.. But to see how and what we did, come back tomorrow and visit my blog :)

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sports Camp ebook

Click the link above to check out my e-book I made about Tainah falling off the kayak.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Friday, 8 November 2013


Qualities of a team player

  1. To always follow the rules.
  2. Never give up
  3. Try your best to beat the other teams
  4. Be confident
  5. LIsten to the refs or empires
  6. obey the rules or obey the empire
  7. If you are tackled do not pull a punch
  8. lift your team if they are not playing well
  9. offer advice to the team

What I have to do to be a star players is to stop complaining and play the game. Don’t get upset if something wrong happens, and encourage the team.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Adding the Perimeter

In this game you have to find the perimeter of the shape. It times I found it challenging and easy. If you add all the numbers together it sometimes wouldn't be right.

Hooray for me!

Walt: write a poem with rhyme.

Hit the shuttle with all your might,
Everybody’s having such a delight.
The shuttle goes over the net,
Just like a jet.
Waiting in line to challenge the best,
My heart's pumping out of chest.
Its now my turn to play,
Everything looks like a sudden haze.
I smash the shuttle down to the ground.
Hooray for me I won this round!

Find the perimeter

Friday, 18 October 2013


If a bully is going to bully you don't be Sponge bob or Hulk, be superman!

Right choices

Genesis came to help stop bullying at our school. We all enjoyed ourselves and I would like them to come back to our school again!

Genesis and Kaho

Kaho was chosen to be an actor in one of the activities Genesis did with us. He stood up for himself and said he will tell Mrs Flower on him if the bully tries and steals his shoes. Kaho was a good actor, and he made me laugh.

The trip back home

Walt: write a narrative.

Standing on the sideline cheering for Jamie. She looked like a tree out there. Just swaying in the wind on the hockey field. I remembered while we were on the bus to Totara Springs Camp, she told me she didn’t want to come here. She did not supply any reasons.

Its Thursday and still she’s still looking depressed. I screamed,
“Hurry, Jamie hit the hockey ball into the goal!” She tried but then stumbles and falls. The other team gets the last goal. There team was screaming and jumping with joy. Then you have a look at our school, everyones heads are down, walking sluggish. Jamie sprinted all the way back to the girls dormitory, crying and moaning.

“I want to go home” Jamie said rubbing her eyes.
I shuffle my way through the bags and clothes, then sit next to her on the bunk beds.
“You tried. Not everybody's good at everything.” I said to her.
She looks at me and gives me a hug. I give her a shug,
“come on toughen up Jamie.” She laughs, and helps me up.
“Lets go to dinner” I said.

It now Friday, the every last day of Sports camp. Everybody was at quality living waiting for the trophies and certificates to be handed out. Children were nominated by the teachers to get the trophy or a certificate. Soccer, netball, volleyball girls, volleyball boys, cage soccer and much much more were being called out.Then suddenly you hear,
“hockey girls, winners Weymouth. Runners Up, Glen Innes”.
Everybodys looking at the teachers beside Jamie. Mr Hendricks whispers,
“Jamie get up.” She looks at him.
“Come on get up”. She slowly walks over to the lady kindly handing the certificate over to her.

“Underlay underlay we are G.I G.I ohhhhhhhhhhh!!! whats happening now?”
The whole school cheers. She looks at me and gives me a grin. Jamie handed the certificate to Mr Hendricks and sat down. Mrs Barry gave her a pat on the back. I say to her
“You still want to go home?”
“Yeah I still do” Jamie said.
The special assembly then finished. Everybody is lining up to get lunch. We all went to our dormitories and packed everything up. We stack our stuff where our bus was going to be. But then, another school took our bus! That school was Weymouth. Jamie was really annoyed because she wanted to go home.

Everybody was either lying on their bags or they were playing with a ball. A man named Andrew came over to us. “Since you guys are the last school do you guys want to go on the slide?” Everybody was so excited. We ran to get our togs and we went straight to the slide. Jamie actually had a smile on her face. I shuffled over to her struggling to hold my towel around my waist. “You want to go down with me?” she nodded.

Waiting in the hot gleaming sun, its finally our turn. Waiting for the lady to tell us go we sit on the slide where water is streaming out of the sides.
“Okay go” the lady says.
Woosh, we go down slipping and sliding everywhere. Finally at the end there is a pool. We quickly get out of the pool and run back to the top. Mr Hendricks said that we have to get dressed. “I dont want to go home.” Jamie says to me.
“But just a few hours ago you just said to me you don't want to go home.” I said.
“Well now I don’t.” She said.
“Oh well, you’re going to have to wait till  


Dear Genesis

Thank you for coming to our school and talking about Bullying and making the right decision. I enjoyed watching you guys sing, dance and act. It was very entertaining. I would like to see you guys come back to our school once again, to inspire more of our kids to not bully and to be like superman and make the right decision. From now on I am going to be like superman and tell an adult. The rap was very catchy. The lollies were yum. Everybody had a smile on there face, it was really nice to see that. Genesis is really, really awesome!

Yours sincerely,


Friday, 27 September 2013

Spinning Probability

Walt: solve probability problems.
 This game you had to find out which one matched the fraction to the spinner. I liked this game because it was quite easy because I know most of my fractions and that is what made this game easy.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Why can't I win

Walt: solve probability problems.
This game you had to find out how the sister was cheating. She was cheating because she put more more reds then blues. I found this game very cool. I would like more games like this.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Probably a favourite

Walt: solve problems in statistics.

This game I am learning to change  probability into  fractions. The first two or three questions I found easy but then it started getting challenging. But that is what I like about this game. It challenges me and makes me want to learn more about this game. I would like Mrs. Ramkolowan to give us more games like these.

Friday, 13 September 2013

The reading room

Walt: to discuss the problem and the solution in sequence.

In the story, The Reading Room there are two problems. The first problem in this story is that Lisa is in a hurry to finish reading a book that she has to read.

The resolution is when she goes into bathroom so that no-one could disturb her unless someone needed to have a shower like her sister Kathy. The leading events to the resolution are, when Lisa goes into the toilet and reads her book. The second event is that Lisa’s sister Kathy needs to go to the movies. The third event is that Lisa finishes her book.

The resolution is Lisa goes out of the toilet and sister gets into the shower.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ruler and Cap

Walt: play probability games.

A few days ago the green group had a chance to play a game with a bottle cap and a ruler. You had to see if it was to land on the side, top or bottom. It was very fun because I played with Devonn and Britney. The first game I played was with Britney and she won. The next game I played with Devonn and I won. I would like our teacher to give us more games like this because it so much fun learning this way.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Milk in Schools

Walt share my thoughts on milk in schools.

I think it is acceptable and not acceptable to provide milk for schools.

At the moment, it’s great how the government is providing our schools with milk. Children need calcium to keep their bodies strong. And right now, our year sevens and eights need to be healthy and fit because very soon we are going sports camp, the milk gives us a bigger advantage. In just two weeks it might give us more calcium and energy and make us fit.

Then again I think the government shouldn't give the kids milk. We are not the government's responsibility. Parents should be providing their kids with food and other things. The government has already done enough for us and providing milk is just going to far.

Poverty is an issue in New Zealand and I think the government has done enough for us. Maybe its time the parents did something in return.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Probability Frog

 Walt: find probability.

In this game I am trying to find probability. You had to find what are the chances of selecting a blue butterfly. My answer was 6/10. Because there are six blue ones and the rest there are four so you add six and four then that makes ten. I didn't try the harder level because I never had time to do it, but I tried it once and it was too hard.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Cross Country Poem

Walt: write a rap/poem.

Cross Country

We all line up to get ready to run
Everybody's seems like they're not having fun.
Its nearly time for us to go now
Everybody leaves with a POW.
I set myself a good pace.
Then I start to run and race.
Huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf.

I see the children in front of me
Looking like they are running free.
I pass the marshals as I go
giving them a friendly smile.
I'm nearly there, just a few more miles.

My legs are starting to feel like jelly
And I'm starting to get a sore belly.
I see the finish line it's right there
But I'm standing all the way over here.
“Come on Crystal pull yourself together”
At the moment I'm feeling light as a feather.

I know I didn't come first
But I don’t care I cheer with a burst!

Friday, 30 August 2013

Character Study

Alan is a child in six people. He’s the second oldest in his family. Mum, dad, his brother ben who was fourteen. His youngest siblings Beth and Fin. And then there's him. He is ten.

Alan is very caring. In the story Queen of the barn we see this when he cares his cat to the vet and it took him 30 minutes to walk there. Also, he took off his jumper and covered the cat to the vet. This shows that Alan is very caring. He is also very hard working. Because he has a part time job and saved up $470 dollars. He is very thrifty.

Alan is a very interesting character. He is caring and kind very nice and is money wise.

Sports Camp tshirt survey

Walt: make a survey

This week we are focusing on statistics. The green group had to do a survey on sports camp t shirts. These are level 4 graphs. The pie chart shows the percentages. The line graph and bar graph, immediately shows that most people wanted the sleeves t shirts. The easy graph was the bar and pie graph because I did it on line. It was tricky doing the line chart because I kept messing it up.

In conclusion, most children wanted sleeveless t shirts.

Cantik the tiger

Walt: write a report/narrative

On the 28th of August 2013 a Sumatran tiger named Cantik had died in the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand. The zoo keepers were very devastated, because they had to euthanasia her. She was suffering from a malignant. Animals should euthanasia because it wouldn't hurt them if they pass away. It is easier to put them down then hurting them.

Most people that go to zoo usually visit the tiger but know maybe the people at the zoo could make a power point about Cantiks life in New Zealand. She had lived for more than 20 years. Tigers that live in the wild live for 10 years, and when they live in the zoo they live for 20 years. Cantik lived for 21 years.

There are about 200 tigers left in the wild and in the near future they might be extinct.She had 20 off springs and most of them were sent to Australia and some still live in  New Zealand.

Cantik means beautiful in Indonesian. I will miss the “Cantik” tiger very much.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Crystal - Collage

Today we finished off our collage of our passions. My passions are Vans, swimming, music, sports and the NRL team Panthers. We had to chose a shape that we liked and inserted the photos into the photos to make the shape. It was a good experience.

Friday, 23 August 2013

The Skin Story

Walt: write a story with a theme “always take care of your skin.”

During the holidays Tammy and I went to the skate park in Glen Innes.

When we went there we saw these three boys. Their names were Damien, Henry and John. Tammy and I were not  told never to challenge them at skateboarding tricks because they were the best skateboarders in Glen Innes. Anybody that dared to mess with them either got a sore head or bruise and grazes on their body. We were ignorant of this.

Tammy could see the three boys were being bullies to some of the local kids. I was sure enough that Tammy didn’t like that. “ Pick on kids your own size, you three bullies!” Damien turned around and called over the other two boys.
“What did you say?” said Henry.
“You heard me, pick on someone your own size.” John looked at his group of boys and grinned. “If you think you’re so tough then why don't you challenge us to a skate off?”
I looked at Tammy, shaking my head saying no.
“You're on.” said Tammy.

“Okay first to finish the course wins.” Henry said.
“This its going to be way easy.” laughed John. The group of boys looked at each other and giggled.
“Okay, on your marks, get set... GO!” They all zoomed past me with a poker face. Tammy was at the back of them slowly making his way to the front. Just then, Henry tried to push him off his skateboard. But that did not let Tammy stop him from coming first. He pushed with his legs as hard as he could and then was in tie with Damien.

“You're going to  wish you never wanted to step foot in the skate park.” Damien shoved Tammy off his skateboard. Making him fly off his skateboard like a bird. Damien won. Henry and John were cheering and smiling while, Tammy was lying on the ground with a big graze on his leg. Blood was dripping and it looked like it was getting worse.
“Come on, lets go.” I said.

We went to Tammy’s house. “ I don’t want to tell my mum about my sore.”
“Because, look at it.” said Tammy angrily. “You have to always look after your skin, if you don’t you could get sick or it could get worse and lead on to an infection.” Tammy sighed. “Yeah your right.” Tammy called his mum in. She washed it with clean water and dried it with a clean towel. Put some ointment on and put a bandage over it.

Few weeks after that Tammy and I were back on our skateboards riding around Glen Innes.

Theme: Always take care of your skin.

Clean hands are the best!

Decimal adding

Walt: add decimals.

I know that I can do this because we have been doing this for a very long time. 4.06 + 0.6 = 5.2 because 0.6 + 0.6 = 12 so you put the 2 and carry the 1. 4.0 + 1.0 = 5.0, so you add that all up and that makes 5.2. This was very easy because there was only two digit numbers. If they made the digits three or four it would be tricky. This game made me think. I think this exercise should make the sums higher to add so it can challenge me more. I want to improve adding fraction.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Gareth Morgan

I have chosen Gareth Morgan to be my inspirational person.

Gareth Morgan is the father of Sam Morgan. Sam Morgan is the Founder of the one the most popular sites TradeMe. Mr Morgan helped his son develop the site in 1999. Then finally when  Sam was 29 he decided to sell his site which worth more than $750 million dollars. He gives most credit to his father because his father was an economist. An economist is someone who is good with money.

Gareth is not afraid of speaking his mind. Like what happened about the cats. He wanted every single cat that walked on other peoples properties to be taken to the SPCA . The cats were killing the birds and he did not like that. So he and his  voice his opinion openly.. That is nice how he cares about the birds. But it’s not nice how he wants all the cats to go to the pound.

People from UNICEF wanted Gareth to be an ambassador for them. He and his wife Jo Morgan inspected UNICEF’s work. He then finally decided he wouldn't let the children in the Solomon islands to go through poverty and poorness any more. Even though he was very rich he did not let that affect his thinking of the children in Solomon island. He put his job on the line to help build and renew schools for the children. To me that its very inspiring because he cares for the poor and the needy.

I have chosen Gareth Morgan to be my inspiring person because he is an inspiration to the people in Solomon islands. Him and I make a connection because he is not afraid to speak his mind like me. And he cares about the poor. Like me.

Friday, 16 August 2013


Walt: write a rap poem.


We try our best to get a score
but the other teams are getting more.
The pressure is starting to get to us

we run to catch up, like a bus.
It’s now half-time, the score is 24-25.

Dodging everybody and dribbling the ball
Making every single person fall.
I'm almost at the shooting point.
But I start to get sore joints.
I'm still soldiering on.
I hide the ball with my shoulder.

Everything and everyone goes quiet.
I shoot the ball then
I get it in!
The crowd goes wild!
They are amazed
Because I got it in and I am a child!

More than a Mountainer

More than a Mountainer by crystal1cdkt85 on GoAnimate

Monday, 12 August 2013

Size of fraction

This game its about equal fractions. I found this very easy because I have learnt this before. This was very hard to take screen shots though. I would like to do something more different because I am use to this now.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Fraction of a set

Walt: find a fraction of a set.
I am trying to find a whole fraction. The first game was easy but then when it started going to the next levels it started getting challenging. I would like to learn about improper fractions and mixed numbers again.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Prevention is better than Cure

Walt: respond to the presentation given by the Public Health Dept..

This morning we went to a special assembly. It was all about rheumatic fever. Special guests came to our school, Awen Guttenbeil, a few Warriors League team players and nurses like Elizabeth and Kristy. They were all here to tell us about how to prevent rheumatic fever than to cure it.

Rheumatic Fever starts with a sore throat.  The nurses and Dr Alison Leversha that planned this whole thing explained what is rheumatic fever and how you can stop it from happening. Nurses do something very simple to see if you have Rheumatic Fever and they take a swab of your throat.

The Vodafone Warriors helped by doing the swab test. That was very funny and very convincing too. Even the Warriors were telling us kids to tell our parents, doctor or even a public school health nurse. It’s as simple as that.

Awen Guttenbeil told me personally about his experience with rheumatic fever. One day he was lying in bed and he said he couldn't move. He felt paralysed. It was hard for him to walk. That has also happened to me once. I admired Awen because, he didn't let that affect his normal life. Awen took treatment for 10 years. Then finally he was back to normal.

I regret not telling my parents that I had a sore throat way back then. But  I have been  receiving treatment for 10 years and I do what other normal 12 or 13 year old do too.