Friday, 15 February 2013

A reporter for a day!

Interview with Devonn

What is your favourite sport and why?
Rugby league, because my dad put me into it and it’s a lot of fun as well.

If you had a chance to do anything in the world what and why would you do ?
Travel the world. To see other cultures and try different foods.

What is your opinion on sports camp?
It’s sounds fun, and you get to stay with your friends for a week. Last but not least you don’t have to get in trouble from your parents or clean up the house.

Tell me what you would prefer chocolate or ice cream, why?
Ice cream, because its  yummier and it has more flavours than chocolate.

What college do you think you’re going to?What kind of question its that? Well, I think I might be going to Selwyn.

Its there any place in the world you would like to go, and why ? America. I want to see live basketball games and Music Awards.

Who is your favourite pop star and why?I like Tyga. I think Tyga has a cool way of rapping. His rappes are cool!
What is your favourite animal and why?
Obviously a Tiger, because its named after my favourite pop star.

Explain what you enjoy at school.I enjoy, P.E, maths, most of the inter schools events like playing touch and  basketball. Hanging out with my friends is also fun.

And the last question, what is your date of birth?     (laughing) umm, December the third 2000.

Friday, 8 February 2013

All About Me in 2013

All About Me in 2013
This year in 2013 I am going to learn everything in maths even if it means to learn my times tables, take homework home and stay inside the class during lunchtime. I want to achieve a lot this year for maths.

I hope to learn how to control my anger on the playground and inside  the class. In the meantime I’m going to focus on my goal.

What I think is going to exciting this year is sports. We have a lot happening for us this year, for example Sports Camp. That is going to be very exciting. The sport I am looking forward to mostly is swimming because I love swimming very much.

I don’t really expect many challenges this year because I’m just going to focus on my goal.

The thing I am mostly looking forward to this year is sports camp, all of the inter school’s sporting events and end of the year concert. Most of all I am looking forward to seeing a 3A or  4B on my maths results.