Saturday, 29 June 2013


Walt: write an information report.

Ancient Egyptians mummified their dead. First they would remove the insides, such as the brain but not the heart. Afterwards they salted and dried the body. Then cloth was stuffed inside the body to keep its shape. The body was oiled and wrapped in lots of bandages. The reason that they wrapped it so tightly is because it stopped the body from rotting. A priest was in charge of the whole thing. Egyptians believed that a priest would send the spirit into the next world. The priest would also use special instruments when touching a part of the body. Mummies were placed in an ordinary, wooden case. Some people were put into specially decorated cases. But if you were an important someone you were placed into a stone coffin.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Netball Experience

Walt: To tell your experience on Netball

Every Mondays, and Fridays I have Netball training and on Saturdays I play other clubs. When we train we do the basics. Such as, ball drills, defence, attacks, shooting and much, much more. Sometimes if we mess around coach makes us run to the end of the Courts. My coaches name its Matt. He’s a really great coach, because he’s strict which I think makes a good coach. If it wasn't’ for him I wouldn't be the good Netball player I am now.

My position is GK a.k.a Goal Keep. I like this position very much, but sometimes I feel as if this position its meaning less, but if we did not have goal keeps in Netball who would know what would happen? I would like to try out different position but I don’t think my coach would let me because he says I am the best at GK.

If you play Netball you have to committed to it. Like turn up on training at the right time, have the right shoes, right uniform and everything else. I try my best to stay committed to Netball. But I have to admit its hard to wake up in the mornings on Saturdays and go to Netball.


Walt: use titles to cover the lounge floor.

Today we learnt about Area. Mary and I had to use our imagination and cover the board with blocks. We were learning about the concept area. Mary and I put 10 tiles in each row. We chose to do any colours because we wanted to finish quickly. I found that we took a little longer because our tiles were smaller, and others like Claudia and Salomah’s were larger. I noticed that everyone had different kinds of titles and designs.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Frog Pod

Walt: identify or find angles
The aim of this game is to get the little frog to the pod. I found this game very challenging but I enjoyed it very much. Sometimes, I got the answer wrong and the frog would go into a different direction. I would like to learn angles next.


Jump Rope

walt: write a report

Last Friday, Glen Innes School had Jump Rope for Heart. The reason for Glen Innes participating  in Jump Rope for heart, is to encourage the children to become fit and healthy.

All the routines showed enthusiasm, enjoyment and commitment. Every class put a lot of effort into their routine. Each class did about 3 to 4 minutes of skipping. Room 1 put the most effort into their performance. Even though a few children didn’t know how to skip it was a thrill to watch.  

Some of the music that the classes used were, not suitable for the age type. But  the music was great to listen too. Some classes did remixes some did a full song. All of them were good to listen too. It was great how Room 11 did an old fashion song because many of the classes skipped to new school music.

Glen Innes School has to be one of the fittest school that have ever done jump rope ! They put effort, enthusiasm energy and heaps more into their performances. Every schools should do Jump Rope for heart because its a great thing to watch. And the children will become healthy strong adults.

Friday, 7 June 2013


Multiplication Shopping

I found this game very easy. Because I know my times tables. If you got the answer right the boy would grab a fish and put it into your tank. If you got the answer wrong he would take a fish out of your tank.

I enjoyed it very much because I ended up with  heap of fish. I don’t really know what I want to learn next at the moment.

Basketball Rules

  1. Refereeing can help gain people's confidence.
  2. If a referee is not confident the team players back chat.
  3. Always have a good position on the court and be involved in the game.
  4. Know the rules very well.
  5. Be pleasant but firm with the players.